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Capella Park New Urbanism

Walkable New Urbanist communities are destinations. These neighborhoods are talked about, celebrated, and loved for their uniqueness and their ability to champion the natural environment and human spirit. These communities are visions of the past and the future. Americans initially moved to the suburbs for privacy, mobility, security, and fresh air; now what many are experiencing is isolation, congestion, frustration and pollution. Capella Park is an opportunity to reconnect with life; become a part of a community where one knows one's neighbors, where one can play freely and where one feels at home. The New Urbanism is a wonderful answer to today’s unpleasant suburban sprawl.

New Urbanist communities intertwine beautiful streetscapes, parks, plazas and green space with a pleasing variety of new home styles, an eclectic mix of homeowners, and every convenience. You’ll enjoy a people-friendly lifestyle with everything easily accessible.

Capella Park is a unique environment in that it celebrates the many benefits of traditional urban planning. It represents an exciting and new land plan. Built with a heart, it encompasses outstanding homes, lush parks and lakes, and civic and city conveniences, forming a community like none other. It has all the convenience of urban living with the appeal of established mature neighborhoods, where every home has a character all its own.  You won’t find congested intersections or the same old gridded streets; instead with maturity there will be a magnificent canopy of trees over the streets and along the sidewalks. Streets are narrower to calm traffic.

One of the most appealing facets of New Urbanism is the return to the classic American “main street” with its narrower streets, wide sidewalks and mixed-use buildings. New urbanists want a community that replaces the sterile anonymity that seems to have overtaken many American suburbs. With maturity, Capella Park promises to be as beautiful and classic as the Metroplex’s historic and famous neighborhoods.

Here residents gather on front porches, in nearby parks and on open plazas. The
design encourages interaction with neighbors and family. Homes are closer to the street, and the porch is just a few feet from the sidewalk; garages are hidden on alleyways out of sight and yards aren’t interrupted by driveways. In fact, it’s all reminiscent of the small town where everyone feels at home and where residents can walk to their destination. There is no better place to come home to.

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